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Illusionary Luxury Playing Cards


Introducing our first Exclusive print Deck of cards “Deception”
* Illusionary Finish similar to Air-cushion but with our special coating which makes our Decks "Water Resistant/Proof" yes thats right, we are proud to produce the first water resistant playing cards in the Market.
* Transparent security band.
* 52 Cards + 2 Jokers + 2 Gimmicks & hidden gems
* Designed by Moustapha Berjaoui
* Gold Foil & Embossed tuck case
* ONLY Limited to 500 Decks
* Made for every CARDIST and MAGICIAN in Mind

+ Our new cutting technology makes our decks perfect to farro in any direction

This stock gives you more comfort and is easier to control when you perform flourishes that require some bending techniques like springs, pressure fans... something very appreciated among Cardists.

The design of the deck is inspired by the first deception in human history, featuring the Tree of Knowledge and the Sin. We all know the story of Adam’s apple that facilitated the start of life on Earth starting with the forbidden apple.